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Commandment from the Athar Veda reveals that

He who is brave,
Invincible, resolute and steadfast
Wins the battle

In order to win the battle of life, realization should dawn upon the child that education is not mere piling of information but is for one’s elevation and transformation.

The child’s natural curiosity, the urge to learn exists from the very beginning and surely this should be intelligently encouraged persistently so that it remains vital and without distortion, eventually leading him to imbibe core values and cardinal principles of life which has become an extent factor in this rat race competitive world.

We as parents and teachers ought to play a catalyst role in accelerating & promoting inclusive education where confidence escalates to the fullest and compassion soars to the heights.

It is sharing our abilities to make our children unleash the hidden potential to optimize effective leadership qualities and enriching skills for the holistic development to sustain in a technology driven knowledge age.

Let’s remember Mother Nature doesn’t believe in “uniformity”. We all have our own shapes and sizes with different looks, talents and surprises. Each with a special strength and may be a weakness and that’s what gives us our uniqueness.

Boosting the individuality of each child is our prime concern as each one of us have a purpose, each have a role, each with a dream and each with a goal. We each are different, special… rare..

The beauty of rose lies in the eyes of beholder and fragrance of jasmine sensitizes our sensory perception, if the rhythmic dance of peacock sways us whereupon melodious song of Koel is a musical therapy.

Emotional openness and sensitivity can be cultivated only when the student feels secure in his relationship with his teachers and parents. It is the feeling of being at ease, the feeling that he can be what he is, without being compelled in any way.
In this era where love, care and compassion have taken a back seat, it’s high time to reset our compass of humility to focus and tune our children to practice purity, patience and perseverance which are the three P’s to success.

In a nutshell, we are bound to put in conscientious efforts to provide the blossoming buds a place of virtue where they shall bloom and spread fragrance, an aroma of good deeds that can be smelt by everyone.

Let’s ponder and engrave Swami Vivekananda’s quote:

“We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”.

V Shashibala
DAV Public School, ACC Wadi